I Married a Mobster
Season 2
EPISODE 1 Vegas Rag Doll
From runaway to casino girl to sex slave, 16-year-old Wendy Mazzaros experiences the underbelly of Las Vegas way beyond her years. But nothing prepares her from the discovery that her savior husband is the most feared enforcer in Vegas.
EPISODE 2 Scarred for Life
With her father the odd sheep of the family – meaning not connected to the Gambino crime family – Toni Marie Fappiano falls in love with and marries Michael “Mikey Scars” DiLeonardo, and hopes he’ll follow Daddy’s footsteps. Instead, he becomes the right hand of John Gotti Junior, destroys their marriage, and becomes one of the biggest all-time rats in Gambino history.
EPISODE 3 – Breaking Bulger
Before he became the America’s Most Wanted fugitive, James “Whitey” Bulger had a ten-year romance with Lyndsay Cyr, and a child with her in the middle of Boston’s mob wars. Discover why Whitey went from doting father to stone cold killer.
EPISODE 4 – Stunt Lady
From the height of big-time modeling as the “Kodak Girl” to a stint as a getaway driver for mob boss Carlo Gambino, Georgia Durante juggles a double life in the fast lane.
EPISODE 5 – No Way Out
When Jewish Lynda marries Italian Louie Milito, it’s Romeo and Julia mob style. But the lovebirds fall from grace after Louie partners with Sammy “the Bull” Gravano, and climbs the Gambino crime ladder until he disappears.
EPISODE 6 – Street Smart
After she’s raped and falsely accused for a crime she didn’t commit, Ruth Anne Seccio survives on the fierce streets of Philadelphia. Her ticket out? An affair with the godfather of the Philly mob.
EPISODE 7 – Locked Up Love
Rich girl Gina falls madly in love with bank robber Vinny Lynch, and stands by her man even after he’s arrested and imprisoned. Behind bars, Vinny may be locked up, but still knocks up Gina, as love conquers all until Vinny is attacked by fellow convicts.
EPISODE 8 – The Rule Breaker
Party girl Sharron McDonnell goes from knocked up to mobbed up when she marries son of big-time mobster Carmine Fiori. The feisty Irish girl liberates herself, only to fall in the romantic clutches of Ronnie One Arm and the infamous Joe Cali until her life is in danger.
EPISODE 9 – Jekyll & Hyde
Mary Anne Walker think she’s met Prince Charming in wiseguy Frank, but the dream turns nightmarish as soon as he possesses her and threatens her whole family.
EPISODE 10 – The Outsiders
Punk rocker Christine Baio falls hard for angelic Larry Mazza and gets married to this self-proclaimed gambler. But after their first child arrives, Chrstine discovers that Larry is rolling the dice for, and the right hand man of legendary mob killer Greg Scarpa, just in time for the Colombo family civil war.
EPISODE 11 – It’s Me or the Mob
Nancy Esposito suspects that her new husband Mike is running his restaurant business “off the books.” But the funny business becomes no laughing matter when Mike is busted by the FBI, with his mentor revealed as legendary mobster Sonny Franzese.
EPISODE 12 – Mama Bear
Dawn knows the score growing up in mob heaven Howard Beach. So when she falls for Anthony Trentacosta, son of mobster Tony “Pep”, she expects a wild ride. But the married with kids mob life is not what she bargained for.
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